About Us

What is Blackbook all about?

Investing in digital assets is trending, but the all important question is how to make eye-popping returns.
How to get into what promises to be the hottest market with a huge profit potential?

This is where we come in.

BlackBook Investing was founded with the unique goal of helping our clients make huge returns on investment by investing in digital assets and thereby meet their investment goals with ease.

As experts in the space of investing in online businesses, we bring deep industry expertise, best in class support and a vast network of relationships to the table, putting our investors at ease that their money is in good hands.For many years, we have been providing our investors the most personalized and comprehensive service available in this booming industry, thus carving a niche for ourselves. 
Over the past three years, we have built a network of buyers, sellers and brokers who work with us and identify good web properties for our clients. 

We live by the following values.


To help our investors get a high ROI by investing in cash flowing online businesses and digital assets.


To be the world’s best boutique investment firm with a diverse spectrum of investment solutions and offerings that deliver great returns to our investors.


To provide our investors with a portfolio of digital assets that yields huge returns throughout its life cycle by value-oriented website investing & disciplined portfolio management.

We are looking forward to working with investors who like to dip their toes in a promising, hot asset class that is showing unprecedented returns.

If you feel you’re ready for it, please fill out our short investor questionnaire so that we can gauge if you’d be a right fit to invest in online businesses.

If you have a specific query, please fill the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

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