Why Us?

Why choose Blackbook?

When it comes to website investing, there isn't much information available online that could help you to make an informed decision about acquiring and operating an online business. In the worst case, you could end up losing all your money and getting nothing in return.

Regardless of the money you are going to put down as investment, it pays to work with the best.

Here’s why BlackBook Investment is among the best in the business when it comes to investing in websites and digital assets.

  • We basically do one thing and do it very well- help you achieve the best ROI on your money by investing in online businesses.
  • ​We have a skilled and resourceful team that allows us to enhance our knowledge of the industry and apply that knowledge in sourcing and vetting deals.
  • We offer a flexible investment process that acknowledges the individuality of each investor, their investment goals, requirements and plans, and create a tailored investment plan for them.
  • You get unbiased investment advice about a failrly new asset class from an independent and resourceful investment house.
  • We offer a proactive approach towards managing investments and reviewing the extent to which the investment decisions meet your objectives.
  • We offer expertise and experience gained over nearly 5 years of serving investors in a relatively new avenue of investing. You could certainly benefit from our experience.

What you get when you invest money with BlackBook?

  • An impressive ROI

Great returns at relatively low risk is what smart investing is all about. At the time when interest rates have hit rock bottom, investing in websites and digital assets that provide fantastic yield is the way to go. In other words, as an investor, your downside is limited but the upside is unlimited. There’s no limit on how high your website can appreciate in value. We have invested in websites for our clients that have appreciated as much as 5x in value in just a span of 6 months. We are able to do this by making strategic acquisitions that fit in our existing portfolio and leveraging the existing assets to create exponential growth.

  • Cashflow

Although it is pretty impossible to create great wealth through cash flow alone, it is quite possible to achieve financial independence. At BlackBook Investments, we help you build your cash flow engine for financial independence. The secret to getting great cash flow from your digital assets is largely dependent on the way you buy, improve, and manage your websites.

  • Virtually Unlimited Freedom

Smart investors respect the freedom that these kinds of passive investments gives them and appreciate the ability to spend more time with their family and friends. By investing in online businesses, you can take an active part in your family that most miss out on just because they need to be glued to their nine to five grind. Most of our investors are highly accomplished professionals and business owners who had all the money, but not the time. But now, they have all the time.

  • Fairly Low Competition

This new asset class hasn't been around for long. Less competition in this market means that you have the early bird advantage. It won't be long before the general public discovers this goldmine of opportunities. Get in the game before it’s too late and secure your share of the pie.

  • Personalized Service

When you are trying to put your money to work for you, you want nothing but the best in breed investment firm on your side doing the legwork for you. We remain in constant touch with our clients to keep them posted about developments and any changes in their website portfolio and to help make sure we are right on track with their investment objectives and goals.

If you feel you’re ready for it, please fill out our short investor questionnaire so that we can gauge if you’d be a right fit to invest in online businesses.

If you have a specific query, please fill the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

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