Aug 15

Securing Your Website

By Mohit Tater | Digital Assets

  Data security is one of the many realities that startup entrepreneurs and owners of e-commerce websites face. Businesses are increasingly getting more vulnerable to the threats caused by hackers who target both large organizations and startups. Often, hackers target e-commerce sites and startups that run on old systems that have little or no protection. […]

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Website Flipping 2019
Dec 05

Is Website Flipping Still Profitable in 2019?

By Shilpa | Marketing

Website flipping. It’s similar to flipping houses in real estate: you buy a website, improve its design & copy (just as you renovate a house to improve its appeal), and then sell it for profit. Between 2004-2012, online entrepreneurs had been obsessed with website flipping… and for good reason. The digital equivalent of house flipping […]

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5 Proven Ways to Find Profitable Websites to Buy
Dec 14

5 Proven Ways To Find Profitable Websites To Buy

By Mohit Tater | Investing

So, you’ve recently decided that you’re interested in getting started investing in websites, only to find out that you don’t actually know how to start finding websites for sale? Not to worry. I’ve put together a fairly comprehensive list of strategies you can use to find established, profitable websites that either are currently being sold, […]

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