So who runs Blackbook Investments?

Mohit Tater CEO - Blackbook Investments

Mohit Tater
Founder & CEO, Blackbook Investments

Mohit Tater has quickly become a recognized expert when it comes to investing in online businesses and digital assets.

In the past 5 years, using the skills and strategies he’s been refining and optimizing, he has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow and profits investing in online businesses and websites in areas as diverse as e-commerce, advertising, affiliate and service based businesses.

Mohit has extensive experience in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. He has worked closely with big name brands such as eBay, Groupon, Microsoft, Nokia and many more on their digital marketing strategies.

Today, Mohit lives his passion investing in online businesses and growing them for himself and his clients. As a client and successful business entrepreneur, Jurgen Engelbosch says, “Mohit has a wealth of experience in evaluating investment opportunities, running multiple web businesses and eventually selling them, covering all key things that comprise a typical
digital asset life cycle. He’s amazing!”

BlackBook Investments is a mission-driven website investing company with several advisors and industry experts working closely to give investors the best chance of cashing in on their investment in websites. It makes investments that help clients achieve great returns, and allow them to build a passive income stream to secure their financial independence. Achieving great returns has allowed us to attract a significant amount of investment from several high-profile investors over in the last four years at the same time making a positive impact on the lives of our investors and their families.

Website investing is certainly going to become more mainstream in the coming years. With a new crop of investors wanting to invest in newer avenues as opposed to just real estate, stocks and bonds, investing in digital assets is the way forward.

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